Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Staycation

Though we considered traveling this weekend, it worked out better for us to stay in town. Daddy had a special 'guys' trip to the Alabama game/golfing with Uncle Johnny and the timing didn't work for us to come along. So, we planned a fun filled weekend here at home!

Friday morning Jack was in school, so Tyler and I went outside for some playtime fun, playing baseball and riding bikes in the driveway. I busted out my camera to try and capture a few new images. Here's some of the bounty:

And possibly my favorite:

After school ended on Friday, Mimi & Grandpa joined us for our staycation. They packed their overnight bag and came over! We hit Five Guys for dinner, which the boys both love so much! It was gorgeous weather, a break from the heat we've had for so long, so we dined al fresco!

Then we hit the local mini golf course for some great family fun. The boys both LOVE miniature golf and are pretty good at it! Jack understands golf scoring, so it was funny to hear him get a 4 on a par 2 and say "Double bogey!" as he completed a hole!

After a competitive round of golf, we went home for some popcorn and Wii play before turning in for the night. The boys were excited to have Mimi and Grandpa over to sleep...they haven't slept over at our house in 3 years!

Stay tuned to the next post to hear about Saturday's adventure!!!

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Amy said...

Thank you Wii for teaching our boys all about golf scoring. Luke does the same exact thing when we play mini golf.