Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog who?

Wow. It has been a while since I blogged. That's a bummer, because I love knowing all the little jewels of info are here for the reading, whenever i want to come back to them. And last year I printed out the blog thus far at that point, and it is a cool book to read and have! Life moves at a rapid pace these days...

Tyler says the funniest things and makes the funniest faces! Here are a few of my current favorites:

After I am gone for a few hours or he is gone overnight, he says "Mommy, long time see you go!" He says it exactly the same way every time. So cute.

THIS face is so classic Tyler right now...

He led the prayer last night. It went something like this: "Fank you, God, (for) my family...fank you, God, (for) fire...fank you, God, (for) my house...fank you, God, (for) Daddy, Jack, Mommy, Colby. FANK YOU! (Instead of Amen)

Tyler started to tell me something today. I think he was going to ask me for help or something. After about 2 seconds he said "Mommy? Nefermine."

Yesterday he hops up from the couch and picks up a toy raquet. He asks me where the ball is and I tell him to look around. He says "I can't fine it." I tell him to look in the little tent we have up that is beside the couch. He looks at me with the straightest face and says "I look there 4 times! I no fine it!" He hadn't even moved! What is this 4 times business?? :D


jamie said...

they have quite the personality right now, don't they?! i love this stage. i just wish some times bee wouldn't talk 24/7 and give me a moment of quiet =)

Shelbie and Aaron Rose said...

Aww, he is just such a sweet and crazy boy! Don't forget about, "Mommy, I haf an idea!"